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How YouTube Can Boost Your Google Discover Traffic

How YouTube Can Boost Your Google Discover Traffic

Using Google Discover to boost your blog posts is a strategy we preach daily. But, did you know, Google Discover can also grow your YouTube channel?

And with maximum strategy, your entire brand will benefit when you use YouTube to optimize your Google Discover traffic.

The Ever-Evolving Discover

Google Discover has traditionally, throughout 2020 at least, displayed scrollable articles in its curated feed.

Large images and clickable titles ruled the game last year.

However, in 2021, your Google Discover feed is becoming more engaging. With the addition of stories, cameos, and YouTube videos, Google inserts movement into the feed.

Why This Matters?

As a creator, you have more ways to slide into Google Discover. 

Keep in mind, the majority of feed results are still articles. We recommend first and foremost that you optimize your written word for Discover before the other mediums.

Once your website is optimized, head over to your YouTube channel and get to work.

Basic: How to Optimize YouTube for Google Discover

Optimizing your YouTube channel for Google Discover is pretty straightforward. We simply want to follow the data.

Log into Google Search Console and find what articles Discover has been displaying.

By default, Search Console will display data for the last three months. Change that to 12 months, and begin your research.

Here’s what to looks for:

  • Evergreen Content
  • Topics that you can communicate in a simple talking-head video
  • Engaging titles

These top article results will be the first videos you create for YouTube Google Discover optimization.

Other Key Factors to Remember:

  • Your YouTube Channel Title should be the same as your website title.
  • Your video title should be the same as the article title.
  • Embed the video into your article.
  • Link the article in your video description.
  • Include a CTA that encourages video viewers to go to your article for more information.

Advanced: A Step Ahead

Google Discover loves buzz-worthy content. And, with multiple platform delivery, you can create the buzz yourself.

When publishing a new article, follow the previous section’s steps, but release everything at the same time (rather than playing catch-up).

When you cross-publish, you’re triggering buzz around the same niche topic. This sends better signals to Google and offers viewers the choice to consume the media they prefer (written or video).

You’ll be doubling your chances of hitting the Discover algorithm. 

Use Our Google Discover Road Map

We created a simple road map to help your content land in the Google Discover feed. It’s the tool we provide our clients (and use for our internal websites).


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