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Transforming Your Blog into an Industry Leading Content Site

Everybody’s blogging nowadays. And, why not? It’s easy, fun, and a creative outlet for many folks.

But have you ever considered transforming your blog into an industry-leading resource?

It’s possible. I know because I’ve done it.

Today, I’m sharing how it can happen and providing a clear road map for you.

Let’s dive in.

Shift Your Mindset

The first and most crucial task is shifting your mindset. Blogging is quite often a personal experience, writing about real-life situations. Not to mention, letting your unique voice into every sentence.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, keeping your voice but letting go of your personal experience is essential.

I’m not saying your experience isn’t going to be needed as we grow into an industry-leading content site. But I am saying your experience shouldn’t dictate the content strategy.

Here’s what needs to drive your strategy.

Keyword Research

Before I learned about the power of keyword research, every article I wrote mirrored my travels. 

If I visited Sedona, I’d write an article about Sedona. When I broke down on the side of the road, I wrote an article about the importance of greasing your wheel bearings.

You get the point.

My experience dictated my content.

Keyword research changed everything. I paid $500 to sign up for the Blogging Millionaire Signature Course (not an affiliate link) and got to work.

Personal Note: The title of that course was a little off-putting at first, but I have to admit, it turned me into a literal blogging millionaire.

Keyword research gave me a feeling of freedom. My direct experience no longer chained me. Instead, I used my experience as my knowledge base and wrote about keywords people were actually searching.

Writing for long-tail keywords is the foundation you’ll need when transforming your blog into an industry-leading site.

Becoming an Authority – Niche by Niche

Baby steps are the path to greatness. 

Becoming an authority means Google sees us as an authority. And Google has laser vision.

You’ll need to understand your niche and then niche down.

For example, my site began as an RV travel niche site. But even in a niche as seemingly minor as RVing, I can seriously niche it down. 

These small niches are precisely how I began to grow my authority:

  • RV Parks
  • Free Camping
  • RV Types
  • National Parks
  • Trucks (for towing)
  • SUVs (for towing)

Each of these small niches has at least 20 articles apiece. 

I developed them one at a time, as I didn’t want to confuse Google with my exact authority.

Over a year and 200 articles, my strategy worked. I started ranking for high traffic, industry-leading keywords.

I was outranking Airstream, Camping World, and KOA, all widely recognized industry brands.

As you transform your blog, this strategy is essential. Identify your large niche, and then niche down and start writing content (one sub-niche at a time).

Be Everywhere Google Is

There are three places where we want Google to see us; search, YouTube, and email.

Search is obvious. It’s all about writing for keywords and building authority.

YouTube is necessary. I know the idea of recording yourself on camera and editing a video can be daunting, but if you want to transform your blog, you’ve got to do it.

Here’s the good news, you don’t need to be creative about it. You simply need to have a video that mirrors your written content. It can be a talking-head video recorded with your smartphone.

Here’s what technically needs to happen:

  • Your YouTube channel should be named the same name as your blog.
  • Your articles and mirrored videos should have matching names.
  • You’ll need to link your article in the video description and the pinned comment.
  • The video needs to be embedded in your article.

We’re creating a web that Google can’t ignore. In fact, we’re giving ourselves a much greater chance of owning a search result page on Google.

Here’s an example of this strategy.

The term “Class B RV” is a challenging keyword to rank. According to SEMrush, it has 49,5000 monthly searches and a keyword difficulty of 75%.

I published an article titled 5 Reasons to Avoid a Class B RV and recorded a mirroring video.

This strategy has given me two results on the mobile search first-page (see below) and the featured snippet on desktop search. The interlinking and multiple content types work in tandem to boost the authority of this article.

Email is the third piece of this “be everywhere” strategy.

You need a newsletter, and you need it yesterday. Every time you publish a piece of new content, you want your fans to engage with it first.

When you send an email newsletter, chances are 75% of the emails are going to a Gmail account.

Google can identify your link within an email and see when readers are engaged. This is one more step to growing your authority with Google.

Be Consistent, and You’ll Be Top of Mind

Every strategist will tell you to be consistent. Listen and act. Be consistent.

I recommend publishing once a day.

It may sound like a lot, but how badly do you want to become an industry leader (or at least a millionaire)?

The grind is hard in the beginning. Take comfort in knowing that once you begin seeing financial returns, you can hire a writer.

That one writer will become a team of writers and editors. Scaling happens quickly once you become an authority.

Transform Your Future by Transforming Your Blog

Now you have a road map to begin your blog transformation. 

This is the same road map I used to transform my website into an authority that receives over 30 million views every year.

Now get to work!


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